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Planting Roses in Your Garden🌹

Roses are the true classic of gardening. They were one of the first flowering plants introduced from Asia where they have been cultivated since around 500BC. 

The Greeks and the Romans were the first to bring them to Europe and to cultivate them in around 600BC. They took on a powerful position, being used as symbols of monarchy and of gods. They have been documented in literature as far as 600BC with poets referring to them as 'The Queen Of Flowers', but enough of the history lesson, how about how to grow them? 


Most likely the reason for the Roses' success, other than the fact they are so pretty, is their long blooming seasons and their relative hardiness, making them ideal for most climates. 

We are currently coming out of their dormant season here so now is your last chance to plant bare root roses. 

Bare root Roses are ones that have been previously grown and established that have then been dug up during their dormant phase (November to February) to be planted elsewhere. 

The benefits of bare root planting are that they establish themselves more rapidly than potted ones, there tends to be a broader choice, and they are usually cheaper than their potted friends. It's also better for the environment as they don't have the need for a pot.

Once you have your bare root rose and have decided where you want to put it, soak it in a bucket of water for 20-30 min before planting and then simply place it in situ with a bit of manure or potting compost at the bottom of the hole, Rose Potting Plant Mix 60l is ideal for this as it contains added zinc and sulphur which helps keep the pests at bay also. 

If you are having trouble getting bare roots don't worry, their potted counterparts can be bought nearly all year round and planted in much the same way. The only thing to watch for is that they don't get nipped by any late frost (bare root tends to be leafless). 

When buying potted roses, always check for disease. The last thing you want to do is introduce a new headache to your garden. 

The main ones to watch out for are Black Spot (mottled black spots on the leaf), Powdery Mildew (dusty grey leaf), and Rust Spot (orange mottle on branches and leaf). Generally if the plant doesn't look vigorous and healthy don't buy it. 

If you have noticed any of these problems on your own plants that are already established 'Doff Rose Shield Bug & Fungus Control Spray 1l' is a great all rounder to solve the problem. 


Types of Rose.

Finally, there are so many types of rose here in Ireland to choose from. Here are some of my favourites;

Happy Birthday Hybrid Tea Rose-  A beautiful yellow rose with a pink red trim and a very strong sweet scent.

Rosa 'Dame de Coeur'- Red and dramatic this is more for its look than its scent.

Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll'- Pink/red and good scent, very popular for its large flower. 

Rosa 'Ingrid Bergman'- This is a classically stunning red rose, the kind you would expect in a romance novel!!

Rosa 'Iceberg'- Whiter than white, this is a fabulous rose to plant alongside a deeper colour to give a dramatic effect. 

Tip-  if you are wondering what to plant beside your roses Lavender will look fantastic and also keep those pesky aphids at bay, the strong scent is a natural deterrent. 


Happy Planting!