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April Gardening Tips

April always reminds me of the week before a big show or event. It's the springboard month that the garden has before it puts on its main presentation. The weather has gotten a lot milder, the swallows and house martins have returned, the bees are out hunting for the first pollen laden flowers, hopefully the time in between the rain showers is getting longer and all the plants are either in leaf or shooting up in preparation to bloom.


The little jobs done now can make a big difference to the potential big jobs later in the season. Here are some of the more leisurely tasks to be done;


Weed Control.

On one of the more sunny days go out and see if you can spot any little weed seedlings sprouting and pluck or hoe them out before they get a chance to go to seed. Any weeding done now will save a big headache later. 

Put down some fresh mulch. This is the perfect time to do it to prevent any young weeds getting a hold. 



Any daffodils that have flowered can be immediately deadheaded; this will encourage the plant to put more energy into the formation of next year's flowers instead of the seeds.

Also any early flowering perennials can also be deadheaded to encourage second blooming. 



Remove any damaged branches on the more woody plants such as Forsythias, Mahonia, or Choisya's, being careful to clean and disinfect your secateurs before you start. 

Trim back any lavenders to prevent any old parts of the plant becoming woody once the new growth gets going. 



Make sure any climbers you have are well supported, double check old supports for any degradation as once all the new growth comes in they will over double in weight. 

Any rose arches or trestles should be checked for signs of rot or weakness and fixed as needed. 




New grass seed should be spread on any bald or balding patches. 

Check for any invasive weeds cropping up in lawns as removing them now will be a lot easier than later. 

Give it a good feed now by scattering fertiliser after a mow.

Start mowing more regularly now. 



A good clean is no harm for greenhouses now to get rid of any old plant matter that may be harbouring diseases. 

Give the windows a good wipe and get rid of any cobwebs and dust. 

If you have any seedlings sprouting, now is a good time to pinch them out and give them a little extra room. 

Watch out for any fungus or mildew and make sure there is decent ventilation to prevent them.




Keep an eye out for any aphid infestations starting, especially on the likes of roses. If found simply wash them off or give them a quick spray of something like RoseClear Ultra or Doff Rose Shield bug & Fungus control

Slugs will have started their yearly destruction so put pellets down or put a beer trap down to prevent any potential damage. 


Pot Plants.

All pots should be cleaned well. Full pots can be wiped with a damp cloth. The empty ones can be cleaned in a mixture of water with a drop of household bleach to kill off any diseases that may be lurking.


When repotting plants keep an eye out for vine weevil. Check the roots for the little white grubs when you take them out of the pot. If you do spot them it's best to completely dispose of the plant making sure to keep it entirely separate from your usual garden waste. 


Remember, one job done now will save you from doing several later!