Kennedy's established in 1850 has long since maintained an honourable standing amongst the elite of Dublin's watering holes.

Indeed it once provide more than a sumptuous pint for the residents of Westland Row and Merrion Square as the front part of the establishment used to be a grocery shop. A shop where young Oscar Wilde earned his first shilling stacking the shelves on Saturday afternoon. As a resident of Number 1 Merrion Square not only did Oscar earn a few shillings from old Mr and Mrs Kennedy but he also spend a few in there too on a Summer Sunday evening musing over a bottle of Stout.

Kennedy's is a pub steeped in literary tradition. Apart from its most famous employee, Kennedy's has enjoyed the custom of both Beckett and Joyce during their formative years. A literary tradition that is paid pictorial homage to within the bar itself.

With its location on the doorstep of Trinity College, Kennedy's enjoys a clientele comprising of the very latest additions to Ireland's academic body. Who knows you may find the very next Heaney, Joyce or Wilde enjoying a pint or a hearty stew at the counter of Kennedy's beautifully preserved marble bar.

Kennedy's is also a hugely popular establishment with the throngs of tourists that visit the vibrant city of Dublin each year. Kennedy's is often used as a stop on the various literary and musical pub tours that are so popular in the city of Dublin during the summer months.

Many of the more mature regulars in Kennedy's argue that the pub used to be called Kenney's, an argument that was silenced one summers evening recently by an animated professor of English who claimed that this misguided perception existed simply because the D fell off the name hanging outside and the then proprietor was tardy in replacing it. Case closed.

For good lively conversation, for sumptuous food or for a smooth creamy pint of stout call into Kennedy's where you are guaranteed a friendly hospitable atmosphere as well as attentive service


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